I have been taking preparation for facing JavaScript interview. I have summarized some answers which may be helpful to you for your interview.

  1. There are two data types in js. Primitive and Non-primitive data type. At first see primitive types:

We use non-primitive types to store many values. Now see Non-primitive types:

2. There is popular question about comparison operators differences (== , ===). (=) sign is used to assign. Run the code

3. Logical operators ( || , && ) don’t return true or false. In (||) operator if first value is truthy then it is…

I have written here a summary about some topics of react JS library.

Photo by T. Q. on Unsplash

You can guess from the article heading. React JS is a library not framework. It is declarative that means we tell react what we want but don’t need to care about how to do it. React introduced a smart idea of Virtual DOM.

Document object model(DOM) is the browser’s programming interface for HTML documents that treats them as a tree structure. In react JS when we do render it makes a virtual DOM of Browser’s DOM. When we change code in react then it again makes a…

JS notes

JavaScript has two types mainly. Primitive types (Undefined, Null, Booleans, Numbers, Strings, Symbols, BigInteger ) & Object and function types (Objects, functions). While using this types one may have to handle errors in the JavaScript code. To handle errors JavaScript uses syntax like this which allows handling errors.

The try catch syntax can only handle run time error.

Can’t handle parse time error using try catch syntax

We can throw our own errors in code.

To stay away from errors in es6 we should keep some knowledge about block binding. In a short term you can…

In this article we are going to learn some basic JavaScript concepts with little boy script. Little script is 7 years old & he just started to go to school. His mother started to test his school knowledge like other strict mothers. She wrote one number asked what is the spelling.

After seeing math my reaction could be

His mom started to ask harder questions. She gave him two number asked summation result.

His mom started to test his letter skill in English. He is not worried at all because he already does his homework correctly yesterday. …

There was a boy name J script. He was very much fond of eating various foods. So when ever he gets some food he eats them all. He doesn’t like to wait too much time when he sees foods before him. He eats them serially .yummy!!!

cute baby eating
cute baby eating

Little J script likes to eat chocolates than all other items. He always tries to find chocolate from foods. He usually likes to taste snickers, dairy milk chocolates. But his father Mr. Javascript gives him many items including chocolates. …

this article is about different kinds of loops in javascript language.

sweet & delicious biscuits
sweet & delicious biscuits
Photo by Diana Polekhina on Unsplash

Who doesn’t like biscuits because they are delicious. Mr javascript also likes to taste biscuits. He likes to eat biscuits one by one to feel the taste of above biscuits. He will share you how he will taste biscuits.

Ok, so his biscuits in a container called plate and he will count how many biscuits is there. Then he will start to eat every biscuit and will enjoy the time. As he likes to eat biscuits very much he will eat every piece of biscuits using his right hand.

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